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Desired for its beauty, durability, and longevity, a favorite flooring option for many remains to be solid hardwood.

Each board of solid floors is milled from a single piece of hardwood that’s usually 3/4 inches thick. The classic appeal of this type of flooring also gives a timeless look to any space. The thickness of hardwood flooring allows for it to be refinished and sanded down for a number of times so it can last for many years. No matter what interior style you are going for – traditional, contemporary, rustic – you can seamlessly incorporate solid hardwood floors. At Definitive Designs Flooring, you can find lovely selections of solid hardwood to add to your home.


Hardwood flooring leaves an unforgettable impression. It enhances your decor while making the space feel warm and cozy. The distinctive characteristics of each type of hardwood include grain, gloss, variation, edge, and finish. These factors add to the multidimensional surface of hardwood flooring. With such depth, hardwood can adapt to fit any theme imaginable. Our flooring experts will guide you through all the characteristics of each type of wood so you can choose the right one for your space.

Choose from a Multitude of Hardwood Options for Your Next Flooring Project

Each type of hardwood has its unique attributes. These unique attributes can make your floors one of a kind. We offer you different types of hardwood that are free of pollutants and have consistent colors and lasting ability. Take a look at these hardwood options from Definitive Designs Flooring for your next flooring project.

Character Grade White Oak Floor

Rustic yet elegant, a character grade white oak is appropriate for formal or casual spaces in either residential or commercial settings. It comes in different stains – from ebony to lighter honey tones.

Quarter Sawn White Oak Flooring

“Quarter sawn” means the log is quartered lengthwise to produce wedges with a right angle ending at about the center of the original wood. The boards will have the tree’s annual rings showing perpendicular to the faces and with straight grain lines.

Rift-Sawn White Oak Flooring

Rift-sawn lumber is very dimensionally stable and has a unique linear appearance. Like quarter-sawn lumber, rift sawn is classified as a radial grain. Every rift-sawn board is cut perpendicular to the growth rings of the tree.

Solid French Oak Flooring

French oak is regarded as one of the most elegant wood species. Oak from France has higher tannin content than oak from other parts of the world, providing the wood with a timeless, gorgeous look.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Milled from solid wood and mostly comes unfinished, you can personalize solid hardwood flooring with your favorite stain or finish. At Definitive Designs Flooring, we carry a selection of prefinished hardwood with your favorite stain and finish to match your style and interior.

Solid Mesquite Flooring

Whether it’s an old town tavern or a contemporary space, a Texas Mesquite floor brings country charm and modern sophistication to any residential or commercial interiors. Mesquite is regarded as one of the most robust wood species.

Solid Oak Hardwood Flooring

Oak is a favorite species of hardwood flooring. It has unique, distinctive grains and durability while adding character to your home.

Solid Wood Herringbone Flooring

If you want classic with a modern twist, herringbone wood pattern is the way to go. This design is made out of different elements forming together to produce an impactful look for your floors. At Definitive Designs Flooring, we offer herringbone flooring in a variety of sizes and wood type.

Solid Wood Parquet Flooring

Delicately ornate yet sturdy, parquet flooring uses a mosaic of small pieces of solid wood to create interesting patterns. These optical designs can make the room appear larger or narrower.

Unfinished French Oak Flooring

You can apply a custom stain and finish to unfinished French oak to get a smooth, beautiful look. We carefully and individually select French oak planks ready to be finished according to your preference.

Unfinished Herringbone Wood Floor

The surface of our untreated herringbone wood floor bears organic, striking knots and grain patterns that add to its visual impact. We offer high-quality stains and finishes to complete the look of your herringbone wood flooring.

Unfinished Mesquite Flooring

We offer unfinished mesquite so you may choose your preferred stain and finish and adapt it to your home’s style.

Unfinished Parquet Wood Flooring

Our unfinished parquet flooring brings the old-time character in modern homes. You can choose what type of finish to personalize and achieve the look you want.

Unfinished Solid Oak Flooring

We source our solid oak flooring from some of the best sawmills in the area. An unfinished solid oak will let you apply any treatment you want to suit your taste.

White Oak Solid Wood Flooring

This type of oak is one of the most sought-after flooring products on the market today. The long and wide boards with beautiful grains create a natural look that can bring warmth and elegance to any space. When you get an unfinished white oak flooring, you can apply whatever finish you want to complement your space.


Our flooring restoration experts know how to handle any solid or reclaimed lumber professionally.

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Let Us Help You Pick the Right Hardwood Floor for Your Space

There are a lot of factors involved when choosing hardwood flooring. Our knowledgeable staff will help you through every step of the way. From picking the right type of wood to the installation process to restoring your floors, Definitive Designs Flooring will walk you through all critical decisions.

Masterful Flooring Installation

Installing hardwood is best left to the professionals. Our hardwood flooring installation team has the skills, knowledge, and resources to install solid wood flooring. We offer a free estimate and the best installation rates. We have been serving clients since 2007, and we have the experience to find the right type of flooring your home needs. Contact our office or complete the online form so we can get started on your project.

Hardwood Needs Proper Care

For hardwood flooring to last a lifetime, it needs the right care and attention. Daily maintenance includes light sweeping and dusting. You can use a vacuum with the beater bar turned off to remove dust from the floor. If you want to restore the original condition of your hardwood floors, you can call us to do professional wood floor restoration.


Beauty and character come with age – and that is especially true for wood.

Old, weathered wood holds such remarkable charm. You can evoke the same extraordinary feel into your interior with reclaimed wood. At Definitive Designs Flooring, we are delighted to offer a one-of-a-kind array of recycled wood options. Our dedicated flooring specialists will tell you all you need to know about this special type of flooring and how to treat it. Call our office for a free estimate.

Unmatched Beauty, Distinguished History

Installing reclaimed wood flooring is an extraordinary way to preserve and honor the past by keeping a piece of it in your home. Reclaimed wood has distinguished history and unmatched beauty that can only be achieved through the passage of time. At Definitive Designs Flooring, we use top-of-the-line tools and machinery, combined with our world-class craftsmanship, to upcycle old wood and reveal its authentic charm.

Diverse Styles

For an opportunity to enhance your decor with a piece of history, opt for reclaimed wood flooring. Definitive Designs Flooring has a vast network of reputable sources for top-quality products and materials. From reclaimed oak, cherry, maple, pine, and more – you can browse through our beautiful range of reclaimed wooden flooring options. Whether you’re going for a modern twist or a farmhouse, rustic feel, you can add some historic beauty to your space.



Making use of reclaimed wood is a dignified way of recycling old boards, reducing the demand for new lumber, and ultimately helping save the environment. We at Definitive Designs Flooring guarantee that we only use lumber of the highest quality, completely intact and with no exposure to any chemicals.

How to Treat Reclaimed Wood

When wood is reused for hardwood flooring, it is carefully inspected to make sure it has structural integrity. At that point, it is built into planks ready to be used for flooring installation. We work with mills throughout the country that focus on preserving the structural integrity of the wood. With Definitive Designs Flooring, you can be sure that every piece of reclaimed wood we offer is adequately processed and treated.

To get that rustic wood flooring charm, go for rescued wood floors sourced and installed by Definitive Designs Flooring. Contact us to know more about our reclaimed flooring offerings.