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Oak is a highly popular pick when it comes to wood flooring, and engineered flooring is well loved just as much.

Oak is sourced from a variety of regions; thus, it’s an extensively available flooring option. In the case of engineered oak flooring, each plank is made from solid oak together with varied materials such as plywood, softwood, and fiberboards.


The use of natural and artificial materials makes engineered oak more flexible and adaptable. At Definitive Designs Flooring, we are committed to excellence. Our line of engineered oak floors is a testament to that.

Similar to our traditional solid oak flooring, our engineered oak floors have the same opulence and durability. You can also pick from a full spectrum of shades and gorgeous stains and finishes.

If you are looking for affordable, high-quality flooring, you can pick from our beautiful collections of engineered oak wood floors that will surely match your style.

From residential to commercial spaces, engineered oak floors are a favorite pick for all types of properties. Oak flooring showcases the beauty and richness of traditional, natural wood. The demand for this type of flooring became evident due to the restrictions of solid floors. Engineered oak floors are made from real wood, but not entirely. The bottom layer is made from either plywood or softwood that will vary in thickness and will still feature oak on top as the wear layer. If you choose a thicker top layer, you would have the option to sand and re-coat it several times, a process that will revive the floor’s finish.

Types of Oak Wood Flooring

Oak is extensively used as engineered floors due to its availability, strength, and beautiful grain markings. There are over 600 species under the oak family tree. Aside from beautiful floors, oak wood is used in shipbuilding and a variety of applications.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of oak that work exceptionally well as floorings.

European Oak Flooring

The allure and character surrounding European oak come from the way it is cut from the tree. In Europe, they have a cutting technique that takes a “square” from the middle of the log, which is called a “cant,” and slicing it straight right through. The slower growing cycle also results in a tighter grain. The final product is a broader plank that is 7-10 inches wide, with a magnificent plain sawn look near the middle with a distinctive rift and parted grain pattern – all three cuts in one piece of plank.

French Oak Flooring

French oak actually plays a vital role in making French wine. When it comes to flooring, many choose oak from France because of the higher tannin compared to oak from other parts of the globe; the higher the tannin is, the better the wood reacts in the aging process, which gives French oak flooring its classic, timeless look and elegant patina. At Definitive Designs, we source character grade oak from France, as well as French oak engineered wood flooring and French white oak wood flooring for its many beautiful, organic knots, cracks, and grains that you can’t find in other wood species. Each board has a unique pattern; no board is the same. Since French oak is known for its denseness and durability, it has been a favorite flooring material for castles and villas for centuries.

Prefinished Oak Flooring

Installing our prefinished oak floors will allow you to enjoy oak floors in your home as soon as they are installed. Our selections of prefinished oak flooring evoke the look and feel of natural solid wood and the innovations of a professionally-applied surface seal to make the surface durable.

White Oak Wood Flooring

If you’re going for a more contemporary and modern look, white oak flooring and white oak engineered wood flooring are fantastic choices. They feature growth rings that are close together, and they have lesser graining than red oak, lending to the modern style.


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When you choose engineered over solid wood flooring of the same size and dimensions, you are helping lessen the amount of growing natural hardwood timber needed to be cut to manufacture floors. Engineered wood only uses up to 1/3 of solid wood resource for the surface, or wear layer, which can be sanded back. The rest of the product is composed of 2/3 of other wood building materials located below the top layer, which can’t be sanded again.

At Definitive Designs Flooring, we carefully source solid wood, and we use trusted hardwood products for our engineered floors.


Oak Flooring Installation

Installing engineered oak flooring is practically fast and hassle-free. This type of engineered flooring adapts quickly to the environment. It is easily and quickly installed over wood subfloors and concrete slabs. Since they come as prefinished oak flooring, they are ready to be used as soon as the installation is finished. Turn to the flooring experts at Definitive Designs Flooring for prompt and professional oak flooring installation.