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Whatever type of property you own, a priority as an owner is maintaining it and protecting it from damage. One of the concerns you should have is to restore old floors when they get worn out and unattractive.

Not only will restoring old flooring will make your floors look revitalized, doing so will also help protect them and extend their longevity. When do you know it’s time to restore old floors?

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When Should You Restore Old Floors?

When all you see are marks and scratches on your once shiny floors, when the boards are cracked, gouged, or broken, when the wood is marred with watermarks and stains, it’s time to restore old floors.

Hardwood floor refinishing and restoration can make a world of difference. The type of restoration treatment for your old floors will depend on the level of damage it has taken over the years.

Whether there’s more profound damage to the wood itself or when your floors simply need a refresh, to restore old floors is the right step to maintaining your flooring and keeping it healthy.

Type of Floor Refinishing

Like we mentioned above, the right kind of floor refinishing for you will depend on the condition of your floors. If there’s extensive damage to the wood, then you can’t just do a recoat. If your finish just requires a refreshing, then you can choose not to do a sanding.

A professional flooring company will carefully evaluate the state of your floors. They will do an in-depth inspection of it so they can prepare an estimate and recommend the type of floor refinishing service to offer.

Floor maintenance allows you to enjoy ad appreciate your floors for a long time. However, the correct type of maintenance will depend on your floor’s overall condition.

Proper Use of Floor Cleaning Products

Floor wax cleaning products don't help restore old floors.If the finish of your floor is showing a lot of footprints, sticky, cloudy, and attracts too much dirt, then you may not need to restore old floors right away.

You may be using the wrong type of floor cleaning products.

Some floor cleaning products claim they are good and safe to use on wood floors.

However, the acrylic wax ingredient, while giving off the look of shiny floors, can build up over time and make the floors look unattractive. When you take out the waxy accumulation, the floors will look just fine.

If you’ve been using floor wax cleaning products, you can still refinish it. However, even after removing the waxy exterior, you must have complete sanding done to restore old floors and take off the wax product altogether. Wax doesn’t react well to a polyurethane finish, so even if you put a new finish without sanding, it won’t properly adhere to the floors.

Screening and Recoating

To restore old floors, consider the screening and recoating procedure. This service entails knocking about the exterior of the current finish of the floors to make way for the new layer, and so that it won’t peel away easily.

Since the previous finish didn’t get affected, regular maintenance and upkeep of the finish will restore old floors and delay the need to sand down the floor – contributing to your flooring’s longevity.

This process is particularly effective for engineered wood floors. With engineered hardwood, the top or wear layer is sufficiently thick to withstand at least two sanding cycles before you need to replace the floors entirely.


A professional sanding job is better than DIY.

There are several reasons to sand down the finish of floors and make way for a brand-new finish. Here are some of them:

  • To completely get rid of extensive gouges and scratches.
  • Seamless patching when your patching floors in the first place.
  • To remove the wax from floor wax products.
  • To fix the areas where the finish is damaged or worn off.
  • To alter the color of the wood to your liking.

Sanding is a process to restore old floors that is best left to experienced professionals with the tools and know-how to the job correctly.

A professional floor restoration company can also remove the right amount of wood to ensure proper sanding and refinishing in the future – allowing you to have sturdier floorboards.

If you go the do-it-yourself route, you may end up disappointed since imperfections and errors would most likely show from an amateur sanding job.