Vinyl flooring has definitely come a long way. There are fantastic options available to buyers nowadays – options that look and feel like hardwood. In today’s post, we’ll talk about luxury vinyl plank installation and what you need to know about this flooring option.

We’ll explain what luxury vinyl flooring is and the differences between luxury vinyl plank (LVP) installation and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). We hope this information helps you decide if a luxury vinyl plank installation is the right flooring choice for your space. For all other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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LVP and LVT: What’s the Difference?

As we mentioned above, LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile, while LVP is luxury vinyl plank. LVT mimics the look of natural stones or tiles, and LVP looks like hardwood planks.

Both are separate vinyl pieces – that’s why each piece looks like what they are trying to look like. Generally, homeowners love luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank installation because of their high-water resistant quality.

What Are the Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation?

Luxury vinyl plank is a popular flooring installation pick among homeowners and even commercial property owners – and rightfully so. There are many benefits to choosing this type of flooring. Some of them are the following:


Vinyl flooring is completely waterproof. It’s a material that you can use in areas of your home or business that is prone to wetness. These places include the bathroom, kitchen, basement, breakfast nook, or foyer.


Work with a company experienced in completing luxury vinyl plank installation projects

A luxury vinyl plank installation can be done anywhere in a residential or commercial property. Whether you want it above, on grade, or below – it’s up to you. Work with a company experienced in completing luxury vinyl plank installation projects. This way, you can be at ease knowing that your flooring company can do the job efficiently and effectively.


Thanks to today’s printing technology, luxury vinyl flooring is available in a variety of colors, looks, styles, and even textures. This wide variety in appearance is sure to match anyone’s design preferences.

Whether you’re going for a rustic or country look in your home, or perhaps you want to go contemporary and modern, look through your flooring company’s collection of luxury vinyl plank installation.


Both luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank flooring options have a comfortable and soft feel underfoot – especially if you compare them to other water-resistant flooring choices such as porcelain tile and ceramic.

However, keep in mind that if you choose to go with a thinner vinyl to place on your concrete subfloor, it may feel quite a bit harder underfoot.


Because of vinyl flooring’s slip-resistant and anti-static features, it’s the perfect flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank flooring are extremely easy to maintain. All you have to do is regularly sweep it to get rid of any dust. If you must perform a deep cleaning, you can do so occasionally.

You will only need a regular household mop or a damp mop to remove any stains. Additionally, many property owners go with luxury vinyl because they don’t have to worry about grout line discoloration. Grout line discoloration, if you’re not aware, is a common problem with ceramic tile.

What Is Engineered Vinyl Plank?

Engineered vinyl plank, or EVP, is another form of luxury vinyl flooring. This type of flooring has an exceptionally authentic natural wood look and feel.

Engineered vinyl plank is also durable with a long lifespan (with proper maintenance). Its core has a sturdy fiber core, and it’s also completely waterproof.

The standard glue-down vinyl is considerably thinner than an engineered vinyl plank. The latter is about 7 to 8 millimeters thick, which is about the same thickness to laminate flooring or engineered hardwood.

The top layer of engineered vinyl plank is vinyl, the middle section is composed of a core board, with an additional underlayment attached in the back for extra support and cushioning.

Key Takeaways

A luxury vinyl plank installation is an affordable flooring upgrade you can do to your space. It’s beautiful, durable, and can fit into any homeowners’ budget.

If you need more information about this popular flooring pick, please reach out to us. One of our flooring specialists will be available to answer your questions.