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Any home improvement or remodeling project takes time, money, and resources. This is why many homeowners are wary even to consider it. However, if you can’t deny the need for a flooring upgrade in your home anymore, consider a hardwood floor remodeling from professionals.

Hardwood floors are a timeless and well-loved flooring option for many homeowners – and that’s for a good reason. There are many benefits to investing in a hardwood floor remodeling venture for your home.

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If you’re curious about floor remodeling projects and where you can start it during your remodeling project, today’s post is for you.

When can I add hardwood floors during the remodeling project?

Huge remodeling projects involve multiple phases and stages – not to mention varying amounts of debris and dust. It’s common for homeowners to wonder which aspect of the project they can incorporate hardwood floor remodeling.

To quell this curiosity, we’ll share some tips on how to handle your hardwood floor remodeling stages and timelines.

Floor Remodeling: Mistakes to Avoid

Doing home renovations or remodeling is a big undertaking. That’s why it’s vital to do it right, so you’re not wasting money and time. Let’s look at some common floor remodeling projects you must avoid.

No to Cheap and Low-Quality Flooring Materials

Not all cheap items and materials are of low-quality. However, when it comes to home renovations, higher-quality materials tend to be more expensive. Sure, you can cut corners in some aspects of the project, but for flooring materials, only go with durable and quality materials that will last.

You wouldn’t want to buy cheaper materials only to replace it after a year or two. This situation will just lead to more money spent on replacing the floors.

No to Skimping on Installation Expenses

Employing the services of professional flooring installers is just as vital as procuring high-quality materials. If you want your hardwood floor remodeling done correctly, you pay for experienced and reliable flooring installers.

Laminate wood floors are a popular flooring choice.Take time to do ample research before hiring a flooring installation team for your remodeling project. Read customer reviews. Ask for recommendations from friends and family. All this will pay off as you choose the right team to complete your project.

No to Impractical Project Timelines

For any home projects, it’s not uncommon to not meet your preferred timeline to finish the project. There are many components involved in renovations and remodeling. To deal with this and avoid the headache, try to keep an open mind. Be flexible and know that if you’ve hired the right team and you’re using quality materials, everything will eventually fall into place.

Set Realistic Hardwood Floor Remodeling Budget

Home renovation or home improvement projects are always going to cost a significant amount of money. That’s why it’s essential to prepare for renovation expenses – both expected and unexpected. So you’re prepared to deal with costs and issues that you weren’t expecting, get an emergency fund ready before you begin with the remodeling project.

Aside from the material costs, you also need to budget for labor, contractors, and any unforeseen remodeling changes that may take place during the project.

Timeline of Hardwood Floor Remodeling Project

  • If you’ve decided to remodel the kitchen and dining area, here’s a schedule you can follow when it’s best to add hardwood flooring. Install the hardwood flooring last in a kitchen and dining room remodeling project.
  • Remove all kitchen cabinets and countertops. This part is essential so you can get all the unneeded components out of the room – especially if the existing floors run under them.
  • Remove existing kitchen and dining room flooring. Remove any carpeting.
  • Paint the rooms. It’s ideal to do the painting before installing new countertops and cabinetry.
  • Install the new countertops and cabinets.
  • Do the hardwood floor remodeling last.

Why wait?

In almost any remodeling project, it’s ideal to wait until the final stages of the renovation to do the installation of hardwood flooring. Waiting to install the new flooring helps prevent any damage from debris or dust or accidental issues from other workers.

If you’re about to venture into a flooring upgrade or if you’re looking to add hardwood flooring during your home renovation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our flooring experts for recommendations and tips. Our experienced and friendly team can help you get started on your next flooring project.