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Nothing adds to the classic and timeless elegance of a home than classic hardwood floors. Regardless of the wood type, age, or species, wood floors give off warmth, character, and value. However, years of dirt, stains, and scratches will strip the wood floors of their beauty. If your flooring has seen better days, repairing and refinishing old wood floors will give your them a beautiful transformation.

The floors in our homes take a great deal of use. Hardwood floors that were once gleaming with an impeccable finish will become worn, scratched, and dirty over time.

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Homeowners would resort to repairing and refinishing old wood floors to erase their floors’ imperfections and bring back its beauty.

Not Just For Appearance

In many cases, repairing and refinishing old wood floors is more than just making the floors look beautiful once again. A refinishing protects and seals the wood floor’s open pores. If these pores are left opened and exposed, they will absorb dirt, spills, and water. This also leads to more dents and scratches.

Repair the Wear and Tear

If the damage to your floors is isolated in one section (and the rest of the flooring is in excellent condition), careful repair and patching can save it. However, excessive patchwork is not advisable. Repairing sections of old floors need the expertise of an experienced flooring specialist. They will need to match the new wood type to the existing one accurately.

Whether or not you’ll be satisfied with patched flooring will ultimately depend on personal preference. Some may be bothered by a patched job when refinishing old wood floors; others are perfectly fine with the added character it brings – especially in historic homes.

Refinishing Old Wood Floors

If your floors are screened or sanded, then you must use the right finish when refinishing old wood floors. Whether it’s an oil-based polyurethane or oil-based varnish, a flooring specialist will know what agent to use.

Shellac in non-moisture rooms, water-based finish, or penetrating oils are used in refinishing old wood floors. The resistance to abrasion, longevity, and shine are determined by what type of finish you use.

Do You Need New Floors?

Is your floor damaged? Decide whether you need to replace or refinish it.

In some cases, homeowners will need to replace their old, damaged floors entirely. If there’s rot, huge gaps, stubborn stains, or excessive splintering, refinishing old wood floors may not be enough.

Pine floors would work in pre-1800 homes because of their wide planks, mimicking the floors used in those days. The character of that type of flooring will match an older, historic home. On the other hand, Victorian and more modern houses would look better with hardwood.

If you have a historic home and would want to replace your old wood floors, consult with a flooring installation company that has experience in doing this type of job.

Refinishing Cost

Several factors are affecting the cost of refinishing old wood floors. Flooring contractors will include the cost of materials, including the coating used in the overall estimate. The price will also depend on the size of your flooring.

Currently, you need to spend $600 – $5,000 when refinishing old wood floors. This wide range in refinishing cost is influenced by your location, square footage of your project, material costs, and any prep work and necessary repairs.

Added Value

Even with the refinishing cost in mind, when your floors are properly refinished and repaired by professionals, you’re increasing the resale value of your property – which will prove to be hugely beneficial in the long run. Aside from this, you’re also improving the floors’ water resistance and the overall structural integrity of your property.

Next time you have to tackle refinishing old wood floors don’t just sweep the idea under the rug.

Final Thoughts

Wood flooring is one of the main features that draws us to a home. A good-quality wood floor will last for many years. That’s why it’s an excellent investment to have for any homes.

Households with little children and pets often have floors more susceptible to damageHowever, years of heavy foot traffic, dropped items, moving furniture, and moisture damage can leave unattractive looking floors.

If you notice any dents, scratches, or if they are looking worn, look into repairing and refinishing old wood floors conducted by professionals. Floor restoration, when done correctly, can save you money and time, compared to replacing the floors entirely.