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Durable, beautiful, easy to install. These are some of the qualifications that make oak engineered hardwood flooring one of the top picks for homeowners.

It has become a modern substitute for the traditional solid hardwood for many reasons. Solid wood is only made up of one material – one piece of solid wood all throughout. Engineered wood, on the other hand, is built with several layers of compressed or compacted timber. It’s then finished with a layer on top made of solid wood veneer.

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This composition is what makes engineered wood strong and durable. Engineered oak floors can effortlessly mimic the timeless and classic appeal of natural wood at a fraction of a cost.

The robust quality of engineered hardwood flooring lies from the fact that it’s comprised of multiple layers. Every layer comes with the grain bolted upright to the previous grain.

These grains are compressed. The compression makes it so that the engineered wood is less likely to bend or split.

Oak: Different Styles

Oak is a versatile species of wood. It comes in numerous styles and shades that will suit many interior designs. Whether you aim to make the room wider and brighter or you want to add coziness to your space, oak offers the shade and color you would wish to.

Light Natural Oak

If you want to evoke a warm feel to the space, while at the same time enhancing the natural light within it, this is the type of oak that works best for that function. Light natural oak is ideal for hallways, entryways, and kitchens – which can create an inviting and cozy feel to the room.

Grey or White Oak

Grey or white oak looks good in homes.For those who are going for a contemporary and modern interior aesthetic vibe, grey or white oak is a perfect choice.

It perfectly blends that modern and inviting feel – giving your room that warm ambiance without the clinical or sterile feel.

Dark Oak

Dark oak creates that drama and flair you want to add to a room. When done correctly, dark oak engineered hardwood flooring can provide stunning results to any room.

Lacquered or Stained Oak

This oak leans more on the traditional look that is automatically recognizable. If you’re going for a country, rustic, cottage interior, this option is the perfect one for you.

If you need help picking a style of oak flooring that will work best for any part of your home, our flooring specialists can help.

Oak Engineered Hardwood: Benefits

Oak comes in many different shades and colors. This versatility is what makes oak engineered hardwood flooring a popular style choice for homeowners. This type of floor is instantly distinguishable from its natural grain and organic appearance.

Since engineered oak flooring has real oak as its top layer, it exudes the appearance of genuine wooden oak – yet it is more long-lasting.

Having an oak floor at your property adds that gorgeous charm and appeal to the interiors.

However, real solid oak floors may get challenging to maintain. That’s why many homeowners are turning to oak engineered hardwood flooring.

Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation Cost

Work with professionals who have experience installing oak engineered hardwood flooring.As with any other flooring installation project, the total cost will depend on how big the project is.

Generally, the expense is somewhere between solid and laminate wood flooring; this is because engineered wood is a combination of those two flooring options – offering the advantages of both styles.

Aside from the size of the flooring project, the cost will, of course, depend on what specific style you pick.

The installers will also take into consideration the thickness of the top layer and the size of the room. Another item to factor in is the underlay fees and the beading to finalize the edges.