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For exceptional quality, aesthetics, and durability, hardwood is a great flooring option.

If you want hardwood floors throughout your property, trust Definitive Designs Flooring’s craftsmanship. It takes knowledge and expertise to install hardwood expertly, and we are a trusted name in the area.

Superior quality hardwood floors will last for a lifetime. With proper care and maintenance, you may never find a need to change your hardwood flooring unless you choose to renovate your property.

Aside from adding a timeless, classic look to your interiors, properties with gorgeous hardwood floors are more attractive to buyers as they up the value of your property by 20%, making them a smart long-term investment.

Hardwood floors come in different styles that suit your interior design demands. Our flooring specialists will help you discover the different species of wood that can fit the style of your home or business. From cherry to oak, walnut to mesquite, we carry many different hardwood floor options that can be sanded, stained, and finished to your style. When it comes to professional hardwood flooring installation, you can count on our expertise and reliability.



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Vinyl has superior resistance to water, while laminate can be susceptible to damage when there is moisture.

Both are known for their durability, making them a popular wood-look flooring option. Homeowners love the benefits of vinyl plank and laminate flooring.

Vinyl wood flooring, when correctly installed and maintained, can last decades. Aside from the look, vinyl plank flooring closely resembles natural wood flooring and creates a warmth to your space. It’s exceptionally durable, and most planks are 100% waterproof. Also, luxury vinyl plank flooring is popular flooring pick among homeowners.

Our vinyl plank installation is ready to install to your home right from the factory. There’s no need to use flooring adhesive in most applications, and you don’t have to deal with dust from installation.


While hardwood floors have a natural, classic look, it will show its true age with wear and tear as time passes on. Our hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services can restore your wood floors back to its original condition and regain its splendor.

Not only will our professional sanding and refinishing restore the beauty of your floors, but it will also protect them from future wear and tear. If you don’t pay attention to when your floors need proper care and maintenance, then you might end up replacing the planks altogether, which will cost you more money. Thus, just like you take care of your vehicle to keep it in good condition, you should also maintain your floors regularly.

If you have wood floors that have light scratches or deep marks, our flooring professionals will work hard to revive your hardwood flooring.



Whatever your style is, we have a selection of unfinished and pre-finished solid hardwood flooring in multiple species, lengths, and widths. From maple to oak, birch, mesquite, or any exotic woods, our inventory is filled with remarkable wood floors that will enhance the look of your interior. Solid hardwood is thick and sturdy with a beauty that can last for ages, anywhere from 80 to 100 years with proper care.

When choosing solid hardwood flooring, there are several grades available at various price points. Prefinished wood flooring comes in many wood species and stain shades. Wood markings are uniquely distinctive, and it’s scarce that two pieces will look exactly alike. This feature will only add character and beauty when you incorporate solid hardwood flooring into your interior. And whatever you decide to pick, solid hardwood floors add warmth, character, and value to your property. 



Made with combined layers of both plywood and genuine hardwood, engineered hardwood is a revolutionary type of flooring that is durable and high performance. The construction of engineered wood flooring keeps it extremely stable in our environment.

The thickness of the veneer that is placed on top of the engineered wood flooring, along with the quality and the care and maintenance routine will play a prominent role in the longevity of your floors.

Our engineered floors add style, function, and value to your home. Rustic, modern, country, contemporary, choose from our impressive floor options to suit the style of your interiors. Our expert installers are equipped with innovative techniques to install flooring in any area in your home. And you can be sure that it will be an eye-catching and durable piece.


Engineered hardwood comes in many species, including but not limited to oak, maple, hickory, and more with multiple finishes and color options. It also provides easy care and little maintenance and can last for generations. It is typically less expensive than traditional solid wood and is a viable and robust flooring option.



Engineered oak is the most popular alternative to solid traditional oak. Classic solid oak is a well-loved flooring option for its look, durability, and affordability.

As the name implies, it is made of 100% oak. Engineered oak, on the other hand, consists of layers of plywood which are bonded to come up with a sturdy core board. The board is then topped off with solid oak, with the finished product looking just like traditional oak. Since engineered oak is not solid wood grain, it is more stable to temperature fluctuations.

The two most popular oak flooring types are European oak and American oak. Both come in many color options. It can be obtained in long and wide planks due to the size of the oak tree.

For a traditional and timeless flooring that can also add a modern, unique feel to any space, choose our engineered oak hardwood flooring. It’s a durable flooring material that can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.


Luxury Vinyl Plank is 100% waterproof and super scratch resistant.

LVP is an excellent and affordable flooring choice that takes after the realistic look of real wood flooring. It has a fantastic underfoot texture and adds coziness to any space.

Our flooring specialists will expertly install this type of flooring in your home without dust. We have Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring options that are high in quality and competitive in pricing. We also have extra long lengths available to create a more authentic wood floor look and feel.

Most luxury vinyl wood plank flooring options come with an attached underlayment. It consists of different layers that make it extremely durable. LVP is a marvelous flooring choice for heavily trafficked rooms in your home or commercial space.